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Iron Railing

From simple designs to elegant statement making grand entry staircase railing. Each individual home owner has a certain style and taste.


There is more to iron railing than box store fence panels that people try and pass as code compliant railing for homes and business. 

 Hand Forged Railing

            By hand-fabricating every piece that comes out of the California Custom Iron shop, we can say with certainty that no two custom iron railings are the same.  By working closely with the home owner or designer, we can always ensure that your new custom iron railing will be built to the vision that you have been dreaming of. 

Exterior Railing | Deck Railing

            Are you unsatisfied with the look of your cheap deck fence railing in your front or back yard? Our iron railings are not like the common fencing found at any home improvement store, but custom. Our iron railing is hand crafted and offers that extra little something that most homes are missing. Exterior railing can give your home a superior appearance compared to your neighbors. Trust in California Custom Iron to custom build the iron railings that you have been dreaming of.


Interior Stair | Balcony Railing

            From traditional style balcony railing, to modern style balcony railing, we can bring your ideas to life. The purpose of a balcony railing is to add a decorative touch and is used to enhance the architecture of your home.       Most commonly, balcony railings are usually large enough for people to walk on from the second story of your house. Many homeowners have chosen a custom iron decorative balcony railing to help bring life to their house.

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