Spiral Staircases

Iron Spiral Staircases will make excellent ornate alternatives to any straight staircase, indoor as well as outdoor.



We custom craft each and every spiral stair as simple or intricate as you desire, giving you a beautiful, durable, space-saving work of art. 

Our Spiral Staircases

      Our iron spiral stairs are not the pre-fabricated kits of mass production from over sea's 

that can be found online and shipped in a box, but rather a unique spiral stair individually

designed with our clients home or business and custom crafted with the highest quality. Custom

measured on site by our team for exact measurements after an on site meeting to discuss design

and style. 

Your dream of a custom spiral stair is our passion to custom craft each and every unique design

of it. We put in the extra effort to custom craft each and every spiral staircase that leaves our shop.

With regards to our finished craftsmanship, we are proud to say "yes, this is hand-crafted by

California Custom Iron". Detail and perfection is the main goal of California Custom Iron, and

our thirty years of experience shows in every spiral stair we craft. Whether you are seeking a

spiral stair with a bronze texture, or a wild plum color, its your custom spiral stair, so let's craft

it together!

Vertical Picket w/t Wood Treads
Interior Spiral Staircase with vertical pickets, round hand rail, welded, All welds ground smooth. The finish is powder coated and topped off with wood treads.
Vertical Picket Exterior Spiral Stai
Simple and clean exterior metal spiral staircase, powdercoated and installed by California Custom Iron
Horizontal Pipe Rail w/t Lower Band
2 story exterior custom spiral staircase. Custom built and welded and installed by California Custom Iron
Interior Horizontal Railing w/t Band
Interior Spiral Staircase with Lower 10" Band, Horizontal Pipe Railing and Wood Treads.
Ornamental Double Top Spiral
Ornamental Double Top Spiral Staircase with a dual top design, Ornamental Cap Rail, and Knuckle posts and pickets
Ornamental Double Top & Baskets
Interior spiral stair with wood treads, basket pickets and twisted pickets combined, fitted with an ornamental cap rail.
3 Story Commercial Spiral Staircase
Exterior commercial spiral staircase 3 story tall 46 feet. Galvanized and powdercoated.
Modern Spiral Staircase
Modern spiral staircase with smooth welds, lower steel band, horizontal pipe rail fitted for a modern home.
Vertical Picket 6ft Diameter
6ft diameter spiral staircase for a wider foot print to walk up and down.
Outside Vertical Picket
Simple and clean exterior metal spiral staircase, painted white
EPA Wood Treads Spiral Staircase
Custom fitted EPA Wood treads (African hard wood) custom built into the spiral staircase and stained.
2 Story Vertical picket Spiral
Vertical picket spiral staircase powdercoated bronze and installed by California Custom Iron
CNC Tread Spiral Staircase
Custom cnc scroll pattern hot torched into the steel steps of the spiral staircase.
Closed Riser Spiral Staircase
Custom Spiral Staircase with a closed riser design.
Wood Treads and Landing Unstained
Raw white oak wood treads installed on a vertical picket spiral staircase.
Expanded Metal Steps
Custom spiral staircase tread design (custom Option)
Exterior Vertical Picket staircase
Exterior Spiral Staircase with vertical pickets and powder coated finish.
Wrapped Banded Spiral
Custom Wrapped with woven mesh.
Exterior Snow Treads for Spiral
Custom designed for snow and the loads and weight of the snow pack.
Wood Cap Rail and Treads
Interior custom curved wood cap rail and wood treads in an interior spiral staircase.
Square Spiral Staircase
Custom built and welded spiral staircase for a square opening.
Specialty Wood Treads
Beautiful wood treads installed on a Horizontal Multi-Line Spiral Staircase
Interior Horizontal Railing w/t Wood
Horizontal Multi-Line Spiral staircase with beautiful wood treads
Interior Custom Spiral
Interior Custom Spiral Staircase; vertical picket, double top with custom wood treads and landing
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Wrapped Banded Spiral

Custom Wrapped with woven mesh.