Straight Stairs


Steel Straight Staircase have been a pinnacle in modern themed homes for the last 8 years


Double or single stringer designs, with solid wood, steel or concrete treads

We take pride in each and every one of the uniquely designed custom spiral staircases that leaves our fabrication shop. Every staircase we build is custom-tailored to fit the the needs of our clients, and with craftsmanship that sets us above and beyond other staircase builders. Throughout the past twenty-plus years in the steel staircase business, we have encountered many tough and difficult situations where location and placement of the staircase in critical. Some examples of this include interior home  spiral staircases, San Francisco backyard installation where multiple levels are key, and the custom designed staircases that are specially built to match existing railing. Enjoy

Straight Stair with wood
Modern home with a interior single stringer straight staircase with wood treads in San Francisco CA
single stringer staircase
Custom single stringer steel staircase with solid 3" wood treads and cable railing along with a wood cap railing
steel stair with glass railing
Interior straight staircase with glass railing inside of a metal frame.
steel stair concrete steps
Commercial exterior ADA compliant staircase (double stringer) with stained concrete treads.
dual stringer staircase steel
Interior double stringer iron staircase with stainless steel cable railing and wood cap rail. Wood is 3" solid oak stained along with cap rail in Napa Valley bed and breakfast.
Exterior Straight Staircase
Exterior Double stringer straight staircase with vertical picket railing on the beach of Lake Tahoe CA
Wood Treads Double Stringer Stair
Double stringer steel straight staircase with metal treads and a thin wood overlay. Railing is cable railing with wood hand rail
Concrete Treads
Commercial Straight Staircase with double stringer design and vertical picket railing.
Mesh Tread Design (Straight Stair)
Straight Staircase
Custom straight staircase; mesh design with solid bottom band
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steel stair concrete steps

Commercial exterior ADA compliant staircase (double stringer) with stained concrete treads.