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Quality, Perfection, Client Satisfaction

Quality, Perfection, and client satisfaction, with every project that runs through our facility, our team of amazing employees continuously inspects their welds for good weld penetration threw the steel. From there the exterior welds are sanded and blending into the surface of the metal.

After measurements have been checked for safety and the metal staircase, railing or gate has been checked for spots that may have been missed by the naked eye, the product is loaded up and sent to the powder coaters, galvanize, or platters (if specified). While the exterior finish is applied toward the iron staircase, railing or gate we always try to keep in touch with the customer to give updates and scheduling so the client will know the progress on the work. The exterior finish usually takes a few days to a week to complete and then our transporter arrives with a trailer to load up the finished product, then hauls it back to the shop where then it will be shipped off or an install crew will head out to start the installation process.

Now there is a lot of work pertaining to completing a project involving steel, to make sure perfection is complete, teamwork and hard work must be involved. From our office manager’s to shop employees California Custom Iron makes sure our clients are completely satisfied with their works of art.

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