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Happy Client!

Hi David,

This has been such a challenging project that it is too rare that I get to give compliments but your company is an exception!  I love the way the cable railings turned out.  It is such an unusual application that I really couldn't visualize what it would look like but the railings came out looking like modern sculpture and give me the open view from kitchen to living room that I was looking for. 

I also appreciated the clever way that Allen and the installation crew were able to adapt the railing on the spiral to accommodate the complication with opening size.  I like that short flat section in the rail because it makes the stair unique and custom to our space.   Not only would a kit never have been so safe and solid, but it could never create an artistic solution to that problem.

So I just wanted to acknowledge California Custom Iron's design work and craftsmanship.  It was a bit of a wait for the powder coating shop but the results are definitely worth it.  I posted a 5 star rating on Yelp and if you ever need a reference for a customer, they are welcome to contact me.

Thanks again,

Aubrey J


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