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How California Custom Iron. Inc Started

Hello, my name is David and I will be contributing to this blog along with others at California Custom Iron. This is our first blog, and I would like to give everyone some information’s about California Custom Iron and how we started. California Custom Iron was started by Allen Myhre over twenty one years ago with just a chop saw and miller welder out of his garage. Allen, did not just decide to start an ornamental iron company out of the blue, he worked for companies such as Villa Iron works, Parish Iron, Antelope Iron, and Fair Oaks Iron.

Allen Myhre Owner at California Custom Iron

In the world of ornamental iron in California these companies were the best in the business. From part of an the install crew at Villa Iron to partnerships at Fair Oaks Iron and then Parish Iron, Allen knew what customers were looking for when seeking visual art such as iron railings and staircases. Now Allen and the crew at California Custom Iron are now working in a 8,200 square foot shop with great quality miller and Lincoln welders to sheet metals brakes to computer controlled plasma cutters. Visit our website for more details at The reasons builders choose Allen and California Custom Iron is because of the unique designs and craftsmanship that is implanted into every project. The design team at California Custom Iron custom designs each and every custom staircase and iron railing. From starting out in track homes to building his reputation as one of their top custom iron companies in California, Allen always looks to the future of California Custom Iron and its employees and their families.

California Custom Iron (Serving Northern California for all their custom needs since 1989)

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