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Iron Beauty and Grand Excellence

If you are looking for a simple design and style of iron railing, you should stop reading this post. In April of 2011 we finished a beautiful work of art in Auburn California. When we arrived to the job site and meet with the home owners and general contractor we had a wonderful discussion about the plans and designs for this new home. When we first took a look at the blue prints the main standout point of the home was the dual grand staircases that you would see first as you walk into the home. Once we got the ok on the job our team went back to the shop and started laying out the configuration for this complex design on the shop floor. After getting the frame of the staircase finished, our team went back to the job site to make sure everything fits 100% before we finished the custom design.

At California Custom Iron we make sure our product is 100% before we deliver the final product to the client, it is just some of the pride and dedication we take in our work. Unlike some iron shops, we refuse to buy pre-made iron panels from China. Instead we custom forge ever piece that enters our shop so the customer will always know that there stair has been made in the USA. We were able to work with friends of the industry Folsom Stairs, Bob at Folsom Stair shaped the wood to that you see on the pictures below and we were very happy with the product that they delivered. After finishing the fabrication of the iron staircase we put a beautiful flat black finish onto the dual grand staircase.

After a full day of installing the custom iron staircase we had to stand back and reflect on the beauty that emerged from the hard work and dedication that the team at California Custom Iron produced.

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