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Downtown Hair Salon Spiral Stair

One of the most recent projects that our team received has been for a custom diameter spiral staircase for a hair and beauty salon in lovely down town San Francisco CA. The clients own and operate Samitra Salon, and just let me say how wonderful it has been working with the owners. So after many emails and phone calls we get the thumps up to head down to the Salon where the final measurements and designs can be decided on, and from powder coat to the designed treads that our team can do with special machines.

Now fabrication time begins a few days later for our team at California Custom Iron, Inc. After placing the order for materials and having them inventoried for future referenced the build takes place. After doing the final cut outs with our custom plasma machine to bending the metal treads to the correct angles, its time for what our company prides our self on…the details. An average person can head to Home Depot and buy and Lincoln 125 mig welding and a twenty dollar helmet. Which it’s great for someone new to metal work to start out with and learn from young people to old. That is why California Custom Iron, Inc. supports local high schools and community colleges welding classes. But, back to the main point, our employees our all certified in mig welding and some with tig welding certs. We like to believe that the little things make us stand out from other fabrication shops. So after jigs have been set and hand rails have been curled in a spiral like fashion we break down the stair to be shipped to the powder coater. So fast forward to a week later, the stair has been picked up from the powder coater and our install team is off to San Francisco. After a long drive and tons of traffic…. that’s what we get for heading to the bay area at 7:00am. Our team pulls up and unloads the staircase in the busy downtown streets on San Francisco. Well we had to wait a few minutes for the clients to open up so we talked to a few construction workers next door on the building they were working on and he said that it is going to be the new headquarters from Twitter. Yeah, that social messaging system that millions of people have, I thought that was really cool. were we try and get people informed with new projects. So after the installation of the spiral staircases the clients loved it and I know that all of here customers will love it also.


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